Guiding You Home | Sue Isenhower



Some of Life's Most Important Lessons were learned in Kindergarten.  For 18 years of her 25 years as an educator  Sue Isenhower taught kindergarten.  She was a critical guide for her students, imparting fundamentals like sharing, manners and how to treat others to hundreds of young minds.  But she learned some of the most important lessons of her life.  Guiding the countless students through life changes ingrained in Sue the magnitude of heartfelt compassion, enduring patience and good listening. 

Today, Sue still continues to carry out the lessons she's learned.  Her involvement in her church and local charities has provided ample opportunities to apply her skills and offer her guidance to those in need.  These values have also been instrumental in raising her family as well-rounded individuals.  Her family might be enjoying a day splashing at the beach, lake or poolside and sharing their passion for the water, but the time also gives Sue the chance to listen and share in their lives.

Throughout her life, Sue's prided herself on guiding others in life, and it's no different now as a real estate agent.  She knows major decisions require careful thought and planning and thoroughly researches every option before offering her clients solid advice.  Her professionalism is matched by her compassion in helping others achieve their goals.  Clients, such as her husband, who is the owner of Heartland Builders listens to Sue's guidance, as well.

Sue Isenhower has always prided herself in guiding others in life.  A former educator of 25 years, she's now a respected real estate agent instrumental in helping her clients achieve their goals.  Her key to superior service has been truly listening to the needs of others and devising the right strategy that leads to success.  From consultation to closing, Sue confidently guides others in the right direction.

If you're in the market to buy or sell a home in the Eastern Area, turn to a professional whose solid advice and experience puts you on the right path.  With unwavering commitment, she's the one who's GUIDING YOU HOME.